Daniel Dippold

Building impactful organisations
and enterprises.

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I like to build companies,
help other people build companies,
and invest in companies.


EWOR is a global entrepreneurship school. We educate entrepreneurs and help them launch impactful ventures. We marry education and execution in entrepreneurship education.

Sigma Squared Society

Sigma Squared Society is the world's largest youth entrepreneurship network represented in over 30 countries, led by over 100 driven volunteers, joined by over 1000 founders - some of whom have built unicorn companies to date

Enzo Ventures

Enzo is built for under-30-entrepreneurs by under-30-entrepeneurs. We're a venture fund helping young entrepreneurs build outstanding businesses.

I love data, machine learning,
and building value-adding tech applications


We build tech and machine learning applications for companies such as Philips, Eon, Deutsche Bank, and many more. So far, I've built over a dozen relevant tech applications.


AI-based, emotionally savvy coaching on. The knowledge of 1000 scientists at your fingertips with our technology.

Cambridge & 4P

I've built the machine learning model classifying unsuccessful entrepreneurs correctly in 93% of all cases, currently being deployed by 4P Capital.