Daniel Dippold


Daniel has founded the Sigma Squared Society, a community, summit and ‘impact amplifier’ of the world’s most outstanding entrepreneurs which have achieved an aggregate valuation of over 10 billion Euros. Sigma Squared Society counts over 1000 members, over 100 volunteers world-wide, is represented in over 30 countries globally, and was supported by personalities such as Bill Clinton and Richard Branson.

He has built www.ewor.io – an EdTech platform helping aspiring entrepreneurs all over the globe to build impactful companies. EWOR’s award-winning education system is challenge-driven instead of curriculum-based and uses artificial intelligence for their internal recommender system.

Daniel built www.unlimitix.com/coach, an AI-driven coach helping individuals lose weight by deploying a holistic coaching concept based on habit- and emotion detection. Daniel is no longer involved in the operational leadership of Unlimitix and has passed on the management of the company to a new CEO.

He is CTO and a co-founder of www.newnow.group – a dual generation consultancy company builder, which turns consulting project deliveries into products and eventually scalable ventures. NEWNOW focusses on data-driven consulting projects, especially those that are machine learning related. The company has consulted amongst others EON, Deutsche Bank and Philips and was founded by amongst others the former CMO of Motorola, the former CFO of Procter & Gamble DACH, and the former president of Xerox France.

He has built Emoti, which measured emotional intelligence based on sound wave frequency analysis which he exited successfully in 2017.


Daniel received his education at University of Cambridge and University of St. Gallen, where his grade point averages consistently scored in the 99th percentile. He has furthermore received a Micro-Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from Columbia University and has studied advanced statistics and computer science at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Awards & Advisory Board Posisions

He was named Top Talent Under 25 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum, STEM+ fellow and NextGen fellow by the IBL and Jury Member at the Global Startup Awards. He won the First Place China Award (Purple Comet Math competition) with the Dagang Olympic Math team amongst over 3500 participants. In the Bretton Woods Committee at London International Model United Nations, Daniel won the Diplomacy Award in the Bretton Woods Committee. He’s furthermore been the coach of professors, executives and students at Nigeria Impact Week, who subsequently won both the ‘Train The Trainers’ and ‘StartUp’ Competition. He appeared on national TV (such as SRF, Switzerland), was invited to share his perspectives on ethics, education and AI at TED in Boston and serves in boards of start-ups and larger corporations. Daniel has been a Jury Member at Global Startup Awards, Nordic Startup Awards, Unicorn Startup Battles, and many more. He's been a keynote and panel speaker at over 20 international conferences. Daniel was 'honoured for outstanding performance' at University of Cambridge, has received a top 1% GPA at University of St. Gallen and was named on the Dean's list at University of Hong Kong.

Selected advisory board positions / voluntary engagements: Supervisory Board Member – Project Immobilien Group (a 3.2 BN €s Asset Manager), Advisor and Lead Data Strategy – 4P Capital (4p.capital – a €125 Million seed fund for impact-driven ventures), Advisor – NimbleQ (nimbleq.org), Advisor – Enzo Ventures (a pre-seed fund empowering early-stage entrepreneurs, led by under 30 year old entrepreneurs), CTO – Ecofashion (ecofashion.earth) – helping consumers in Cambridge make more sustainable fashion decisions

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