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Daniel is a math nerd turned tech entrepreneur and angel investor.

Daniel has built four companies. He has built Emoti, which measured emotional intelligence based on the analysis of soundwaves.

Daniel is the former CTO and co-founder of NEWNOW Group which builds machine learning driven "decision intelligence cockpits" for clients such as EON, Deutsche Bank and Philips, turning over €1 Mio+ within the first year after launch. NEWNOW has a multigenerational leadership approach: The company is led by C-Level leaders such as the former CMO of Motorola, the former CFO of Procter & Gamble DACH, and the former president of Xerox France as well as young machine learning engineers such as Daniel.

Daniel has moreover initiated the Sigma Squared Society e.V., an organization uniting the world’s most outstanding entrepreneurs, eleven of whom have become unicorns to date. Sigma Squared Society counts over 100 volunteers world-wide, is represented in over 30 countries globally, and its entrepreneurs have raised a collective some of over 1.5 BN €s.

He has built EWOR – Europe's leading talent investor. The first of its kind, EWOR combines an entrepreneurship academy with an early-stage VC firm to help entrepreneurial people build impactful tech companies. EWOR was built by founders for founders. The firm provides venture capital (up to €150K), a network to unicorn founders, and high quality entrepreneurship education. If you want to build a successful company fast, we are the best place to start with. Alex Grots (€500 Mio ProGlove Exit) and Florian Huber (Business Angel of the Year and Founder of United domains) joined Daniel as co-founders.

Daniel built Unlimitix, an AI-driven coach helping individuals lose weight by deploying a holistic coaching concept based on habit- and emotion detection. Daniel is no longer involved in the operational leadership of Unlimitix and has passed on the management of the company to a new CEO. The company has recently raised a pre-seed financing round.

Daniel received his education at University of Cambridge, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and University of St. Gallen where his grade point averages consistently scored in the 99th percentile. He has furthermore received a Micro-Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from Columbia University and studied Pure Mathematics at ETH while never handing in his bachelor’s thesis.

Selected Awards
  • Germany’s, Austria’s and Switzerland’s Top Talent Under 25 – Top Talents Under 25
  • First Place China Award – Purple Comet Math Competition
  • Full Judge Scholarship (£ 250’000) – University of Cambridge
  • TEDx Speaker (50K views)
  • Global Shaper - World Economic Forum
  • Patrick Ott Fellowship; NextGen Fellowship - QX Quarterly Crossing
  • Distinction, University of Cambridge; Dean’s List, HKUST; Distinction / Dean's List (University of St. Gallen)

Selected Advisory Board Posisions
  • Supervisory Board Member – Project Group (a 3.2 BN €s asset manager and fund house)
  • Advisory Board Member (Lead Data Strategy) – 4P Capital (a GreenTech VC seed fund)
  • Member of the Advisory Board – NimbleQ (nimbleq.org)
  • Operating Partner – Enzo Ventures (a €40 Million pre-seed fund empowering young entrepreneurs)
  • Voluntary CTO – Shaping Fashion / EcoFashion (ecofashion.earth) – helping consumers in Cambridge and beyond make more sustainable fashion decisions
  • Guest contributor - Venture Capital Magazin, der Brutkasten, and various other media outlets

Titles to use
  • Founder, EWOR
  • Founder, NEWNOW Group
  • CTO, NEWNOW Group
  • Founding President, Sigma Squared Society
  • Entrepreneur & Investor

Short Bio for Social Media

Daniel is an entrepreneur and investor. He has built the global non-profit Sigma Squared Society, the machine learning company NEWNOW Group, and the talent investor EWOR.

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